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PPCBank SMS Card Alerts Service Launching

24.Jul.2017 11:41

       Starting from 24th July, 2017 all PPCBank customers can enjoy a privilege of our SMS Card Alerts Service with free of charge. PPCBank SMS Card Alerts Service will bring customers a step closer to absolute security and reliability in managing their finance when using PPCBank cards. Customers can now receive transaction information alerts 24/7 when using PPCBank VISA Cards such as POS purchase, purchase reversal, Cash Advance information, Bill Payment Reminder and Block or Unblock Card information etc. This will enable customers to be totally effortless and paperless in monitoring their financial transaction to effectively avoid fraud or losses. PPCBank first introduced SMS Alerts Service in January 2017 to ensure customers are offered flexibility in keeping financial transaction records of their accounts conveniently on their mobile phone. To subscribe for free SMS Card Alerts Service, customers can visit any branch of PPCBank or contact PPCBank at 023 909 909 or 099 666 030 for assistance.

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