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PPCBank Banking and Beyond

22.Aug.2017 09:00



   The banking traditions are slowly shifting with an adoption of rapid modernized concepts which people have surprisingly witnessed in the last decades. From traditional banks offering just deposit and loan product, moving to offer multiple choices of financial-customized products and lately moving to a latest adoption of electronic service, banks have now moved even beyond further than that. The benchmark of banking service in Cambodia has been raised higher when a drastic expansion of technologies such as smartphone and tablet devices kick in. Now that banks are flocking to shift their operations electronically concentrating on customers’ convenience, more customers are deprived of experience in real customer service in banking service that used to be offered when visiting branches.

            Realizing that boundaries are never limit especially as Cambodia’s financial sector is thriving; the banks have competitively set themselves beyond the boundaries of current banking trend in Cambodia. Recently Phnom Penh Commercial Bank (PPCBank) has initiated a strategy to start uplifting customer’s satisfaction to distinguish its banking service from other banks in Cambodia. The bank goes beyond the digital revolutionary of banking so far to begin its strategies to offer tailored-made service which customers won’t be able to experience somewhere else. Branches of PPCBank have started offering free “Ice Cream” to customers visiting to perform any transactions in a move to differentiate its service with dedication of its so-called ‘Fun Bank’ concept. The bank believes that by offering such refreshment, customers are able to enjoy time for a cool gateway from the hectic lifestyles when coming to bank. The bank additionally offers free raincoats for customers to grab when coming to do banking transactions. The earlier initiative the bank offering was providing customers a takeaway fresh apple to enjoy when coming to bank and to rejuvenate the body to stay healthy in line with an old saying “One apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

            With this ice-cream offering initiative kicking off at PPCBank branches, the bank hopes to uplift the customers’ expectation of banking service industry in Cambodia and revolves the traditional experience in term of traditional banking at branches to a fun place which customers can visit for personal or work-related purpose. The bank realizes the current hectic lifestyle people are increasingly facing and helps to be part of those stress elimination through this initiative and hopes to play as major effects to enhance the satisfaction of customers in overall banking industry. “Our vision: ‘The Best Financial Retail Group’. This vision defines us, it defines who we are and what we want to accomplish. We always realize that to turn this vision to reality, we have much to achieve and one particular skill set is not going to adequately take us there; but to push and explore far beyond to make reality of our vision to valued customers and Cambodian banking industry.”, said Shin Chang Moo, president of PPCBank.

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