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As long as you are a PPCBank card holder (ATM Card) or account holder with a Current or Savings account you have access to our ATM network 24 hours a day, and you can take advantage of all these services:


PPCBank ATM Card is simply small, easy to keep in yourself and you can get PPCBank ATM Card for Free by just opening account and deposit from USD 1,000.

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Balance enquiries
  • Third party transfer
  • Ministatement


All accounts with PPCBank offer a Free (deposit ≥$1,000) ATM debit card upon account opening

  • Free passbook to keep record
  • Fund Transfer
  • Free annual fee
  • No Expiration Date


PPCBank ATM Card is issued by Phnom Penh Commercial Bank to account holder to operate his/her account through PPCBank's ATM in Cambodia for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Having an account (savings account, current account) with PPCBank
  • Majority. If he/she is a minority, customer can use supplementary card; and Having a valid identity card
  • Card can be offered to other customers (including under 18 years old) upon the request of the primary cardholder.

Transaction Limit

You can use PPCBank Card to make withdrawals from PPCBank's ATM:

  • Withdrawals made with PPCBank's ATM

    US$ 2,000 / day

  • Fund Transfer made wtih PPCBank's ATM

    US$ 2,000 / day

How to do ATM Transaction with PPCBank's ATM