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Installment Deposit

The best way to save more money

Installment Deposit Having planned out to reach for life goal is important, that's why PPCBank set up a new type of account called Installment Account which provided many more benefits to the customers.


  • Keeping your money in the safe place
  • You can be flexible in managing your cash
  • More income via high interest rate offered

Features and benefits

  • You can top up your account every day or monthly to reach your plan
  • Very competitive interest rate is offered
  • Passbook provided with free of charge
  • No annual fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • Remain offer saving account rate (1%p.a) for premature

Interest Rate, Term & Condition

Installment Deposit Rate

6 months 3.00% p.a
12 months 4.00% p.a
24 months 5.50% p.a
36 months 6.50% p.a

Premier Installment Deposit

6 months 4.00% p.a
12 months 5.00% p.a
24 months 6.00% p.a
36 months 6.75% p.a