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Visa Credit Card

Convenience Banking Services

PPCBank Visa Credit Card is an electronic plastic card loaded with latest technology. It gives an ease for all value customers to operate transactions by cash withdrawal through any ATMs and pay for goods & service through POS terminal and online base on credit limit set by bank.

Type of PPCBank Credit Card

  • Visa Personal Classic Card : Limit USD 250.00 to USD 3,000.00
  • Visa Personal Gold Card: Limit USD 3,000.00 to USD 50,000.00
  • Visa Business Gold Card: Limit USD 3,000.00 to USD 50,000.00


  • Make purchase or pay for goods/service up to 45days without interest
  • Flexible monthly payment
  • Low Interest rate
  • Make online payment for goods/ service at anytime
  • Safety and convenience than cash carrying
  • Better record keeping for transaction history
  • Enjoy exciting discount from PPCBank corporate partnership

Requirement to Apply

For Personal Credit Card

  • Shall be at least 18 years old for principal and 16 years old for supplement
  • Enclosed a copy of valid national ID card or passport (foreigner need to have at least three months visa validity in Cambodia)
  • One picture for each applicant (4*6)
  • Collateral is required
  • Shall have personal Saving or Current Account with PPCBank

For Business Credit Card

  • Having company saving or current account with PPCBank
  • Collateral is required
  • Corporate Guarantee Letter
  • Company Memorandum of Article and Association

Standard Fee & Charge

Description Debit Classic Debit Gold Business Gold
Annual Fee (Principal) USD 15.00 USD 30.00 USD 30.00
Annual Fee (supplementary) USD 10.00 USD 15.00 N/A
POS Purchase interest rate 1.5% p.m 1.5% p.m
Cash Advance Interest 1.7% p.m N/A
Cash Advance Fee Min USD 5.00 or 2% N/A
Minimum Monthly Payment Min USD 25.00 or 20% of Monthly Outstanding Bill
Late Payment Fee Min USD 10.00 or 5% minimum monthly repayment

How to Apply

  • Please direct to any Phnom Penh Commercial Bank branch at your nearest
  • For more information please contact us any time at (855) 23 909 909 / 099 666 030.

Card Security Guide

  • Please destroy your PIN code immediately after receive from bank
  • Do not store PIN code in any manner, recommended to remember
  • Please frequently change your PIN code
  • Please do not share card information including full card number, expired date, and security code (CVV2) to anyone.
  • In case you have miss place the card, lost or stolen, please immediately notify PPCBank by
    023 909 909 / 099 666 030.